Campfires - Leadership SHIFT Tip

The interesting thing about culture is that you really can’t get an accurate sense in front of the crackling campfire of a team’s off-site kumbaya. After all, everything seems better when you are eating a s’more.

No, if you really want to understand it’s energy, start listening to what happens when the meeting is over, the boss isn’t around, and folks close their office doors.

The stronger ones buzz about values, empathy, and WE over I. They speak up to do the heavy lifting of inspiring change and staying relevant as the rest hear crickets that gripe about what they don’t have and can’t do.

Of course, courageously speaking up is easier said than done — it’s even harder when it doesn’t benefit you directly. That’s why so many choose to listen to the resistance of the status quo and just fit in.

It’s also why they just hear crickets once they extinguish their campfire. And eating a s’more with crickets in the dark isn’t that much fun.

p.s., Yesterday I was with an organization that demonstrated courage on United Nation’s Day of the Girl and announced that they plan to expand their tent in the spirit of inclusion and equality. Their heavy lifting starts today. Let’s wish them continuous courage.

p.s.s., As I shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram on Monday, I would love for you to join me in a quest to enhance our giving spirit this holiday season. You can follow using the hastags #givingtuesday and #shiftforgiving. Stay tuned for more details.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

“You can choose courage
or you can choose comfort,
but you cannot have both”
- Brene Brown