Giving - Leadership SHIFT Tip

  • a smile
  • a wave to the car behind you
  • your seat
  • the benefit of the doubt
  • honest and clear feedback
  • kindness
  • an ear to bend
  • empathy
  • a note of appreciation
  • a hand up
  • respect, trust, and civility
  • time
  • love
  • attention
  • change for the tip jar

There are many ways to give that don’t take much effort or money. When you do, you send a ripple of goodness beyond your peloton and begin to create the world you wish to see. All you need to start is the belief that giving is better than receiving and faith that something good will boomerang back to you.

On Saturday, I was in Exeter, New Hampshire for the 7th annual King Challenge to support The Krempels Center. Ted King, a former pro cyclist, was the Chief Purpose and Giving Officer. He was kind enough to write the forward to Shift. Normally, all the proceeds of Shift go to World Bicycle Relief,but on Saturday they went to The Krempels Center to honor Ted’s giving shift.

Starting tomorrow, October 24th, I’m kicking off my #shifttogiving campaign to spark more of a giving spirit this holiday season. Please join me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as I share some of my favorite giving organization and give you an opportunity to share your best giving and receiving stories. Plus, you may even win a few things I’m giving away. You can follow through the hashtags #shifttogiving and #givingtuesday.

Have fun storming the castle!

“GIving back involves a certain amount of giving up.”
- Colin Powell

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