You Do Not Talk About Fight Club and Other Rules - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Rules like the classic golden one to extreme ones like not talking about fight club serve as compasses. When unsure of what to do, rules can guide us in the right direction. 

Well, a few weeks ago, I blew past a key rule: You should never go grocery shopping without a list when hungry.  It wasn't pretty folks. But at that moment, I had to have those apple cider donuts and other treats.  I was so proud of my bounty, but all I had were empty calories. 

Self-Development should have a rule like this as well.  I often joke that I have PTWD (Post Traumatic Workshop Disorder) from my corporate days.  Too often I participated in workshops that felt like we were shopping hungry.  There was a whole lot of everything thrown at people hoping that something would stick. But it was rare if anything did. Over time we developed Initiativitis. 

Initiativitis - noun

The inflamed and disengaged state of employees when an organization tries to take on too many initiatives at once.  

If you want to make your peloton stronger, go development shopping with a focused list and stay in the outside aisles. That's where you will find the essentials of conversational intelligence, resilience, trust, EQ, and ninja gremlin slayers. After you place them in your cart, you can get a few of those apple cider donuts you want.  

They taste so good, don't they? Oh, and don't forget the cider. 

Have fun storming the castle!

p.s., Today is World Happiness Day. Check out and follow #choosekindness to infuse a little more kindness into your life. 


"Few quench their thirst by drinking from a firehouse."
- Just Me