Awareness, Baseball, and Popcorn - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Watching the Houston Astros win the final game of the World Series last night brought me back to my childhood dream of playing in the Fall Classic for the Toronto Blue Jays. After all, every New York kid wants to grow up to play America's pastime for a Canadian team. That's normal, right? 

When I was younger, baseball was my life. It was everything. You could say I had an unhealthy attachment to my dream. I made every play, pitch, and at bat a life and death moment. Every hit brought elation, and every strikeout was whoa nelly. It wasn't pretty. Sorry, let me correct that - I wasn't pretty.  

I would throw my bat in disgust and pout and cry when I returned to the dugout. At the time, I believed I was just passionate. I cared so much that I couldn't hear my coach. 

So my parents started filming my games to help me see how much I cared. They redefined family movie night, and there wasn't enough Orville Redenbacher to ease the embarrassment of my new found awareness.  

They knew that awareness, although not easy to see, was the first base of success. It makes conversational and emotional intelligence possible. It's everything. Yes, you can achieve traditional measures of success like money, title, and stuff without it, but you will never make it to the World Series.

If you want to be your best, then you need to look in the mirror. Don't worry; I won't let my parents film you. I care too much about you to let that happen. Plus, there's no way I can make that much popcorn.  

Have fun storming the castle! 


"Awareness is the ability to see your reality"
- Just Me