Your Scars - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few weeks ago on an unseasonably warm day, I went out for a bike ride. As I entered an intersection I met up with another cyclist. He gave me a look that I have grown to love.

He looked down at my legs and inquisitively shouted, “Dude, what happened to your legs?!? I laughed at his lack of subtlety.

There was a time when his question would send me into a self-consciousness spiral similar to how I felt during those emotionally painful teenage acne years — remember those?

For a long time, I worked hard to hide them from others. I believed that keeping my scars from view would protect me from stares and judgment. But in reality, I was my harshest judge as a worried about what others thought.

“You would be less worried about what people think about you when you realize that they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about you.”

Years ago when my youngest daughter told me that my scars are cool, I started to embrace my journey of resilience. I learned that our scars, whether physical or emotional, can spark the best stories and help us connect when we are vulnerable and courageous enough to show them.

With today’s curated social media bliss and corporate competitiveness, accepting, let alone showing our scars is difficult. And that’s precisely why we should do it. Because most are unwilling to do the emotional labor that inspires, connects, and moves a peloton.

So show us your scars, we would love to hear your story.

Have fun storming the castle! Happy Thanksgiving.

“Scars let others know that you have been in the game,
knocked down, and are still standing.”

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