"There's Always Tonight" - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Last Saturday my family and I went to the matinee performance of Hello Dollyfeaturing Bette Midler. We should all wish to be as spry and entertaining as Bette when we reach seventy. She’s amazing.

Even if you haven’t seen Hello Dolly, you probably know it’s signature number, “Hello Dolly.” To be honest, it was the only song I knew before the show and was eager to hear it. Bette and cast didn’t disappoint, but something happened during their performance that was meaningful.

As they were dancing, Bette broke character and shared, “We are cheating a little right now, but, hey, there’s always tonight.”

It was a brief and beautiful statement about artistic messiness. Sometimes our art doesn’t go as planned, but we can always bounce back the next time we take the stage.

Most of us will never make it to Broadway or the big screen, but we all have an artistic spirit within us. And although our art is displayed on different mediums from the theatre to marketing to blogging to leadership, artists know that we have a couple beliefs in common — the show must go on even when our art isn’t “perfect,” and we always have the opportunity to make tomorrow’s (ortonight’s) performance better.

But you have to show up ready to perform again to be considered an artist. It’s the only way for your art to change lives. Be an artist — don’t quit.

Have fun storming the castle! — I hear that they have some great shows there.

“All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso

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