Guys, We Can Do Better - Leadership SHIFT Tip

This weekend I was doing some last minute prep for this week’s Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA) annual conference in Philadelphia.

As I thought about the HBA’s mission of gender parity, connection, and female leadership development, my attention drifted to the recent revelations of sexism and harassment that those with power have tolerated.

You can judge a culture by the worst behavior it tolerates.

Data, from our country’s lack of female CEO representation to women getting paid 83 percent of their male colleagues, illustrates the uneven playing field created by male leaders of the past and supported by many today.

Guys, we can do better.

By encouraging more male leaders to do more than writing about condemning “locker room talk” or speaking up when shocked.

Guys, we can do better.

By challenging those comments behind closed doors or during talent reviews about a female colleague’s ambition, ability to travel, and emotional composure, but not asking the same of our male colleagues.

Guys, we can do better.

By exploring our perspectives on masculinity, identity, and entitlement and challenging the status quo.

Guys, we need to better because the most successful pelotons of tomorrow are diverse, respectful, and better together. Our women leaders don’t need us to solve this problem for them, but they do need us to do better than just tolerating it.

Have fun storming the castle!

“We need to do better celebrating
our heroes and she-roes!”
- Maya Angelou