3 Choices for a Better Tomorrow

Recently I had lunch at our local burger shack to catch up and hear about a mentor’s big leap into a new career endeavor.

She had just finished 18 years at company where she progressed from an individual contributor to a boardroom executive. By all accounts, she had a successful career. 

The impetus behind her decision was the reemerging, and far-too-common, vortex swirl of a “new management structure.”

She opted to leave rather than take a different role in the company. This became her opportunity to leap toward a longtime passion. Over lunch, I asked her if she had any advice for others searching for more fulfillment at work.


Those guys from the ‘80s, new-wave band, Devo, were correct: Freedom of choice is what we want.

And, the truth is, we all have it.

For her, it was the freedom to choose her path forward. Given the circumstances, it would have been easy to carry around the baggage of getting “pushed” out. But what good would that do her?

Those bags get heavy quickly, limit your potential, and prevent you from inspiring others. Rather, she opted to believe that the “vortex” was a great pull toward a new beginning.

Fantastic things can happen when we exercise our freedom of choice.  For my mentor, it was a leap toward a passion. For others, it could be getting that raise and promotion as oppose to just “trusting the system/karma” or bolding contributing and shaping your work culture versus having it shaped by others. 


Life and business are not solo endeavors. Since today’s business environments have little room for the hero complex or narcissistic leader, focus on your team’s achievement and create “we all win” cultures that keep the competition outside your company. 


Kerfuffles aside, Tiger Woods is one of history’s best golfers, and he has a coach.

Other great athletes—from baseball to water polo—have coaches, and even top executives, directors, and managers invest in coaching.  

She, like other serious business leaders, understands the value of growth because, under the best circumstances, what got you there, most likely will not keep you there. Although we like to think it’s easy, it’s difficult to coach yourself.

Coaching isn’t a guarantee, but it’s a smart choice that helped her navigate a world of annual corporate structure and supervisor changes and avoid the victim loop. It served as the special sauce to her career success because it provided her with a consistent accountability partner, a sounding board, and a candid feedback champion. And set her up for a great transition. 

The best freedom is freedom of choice.  Here are 3 choices that can help drive more enjoyment at work and in life.

Choice #1: Choose to show up with those beliefs and actions that propel you forward, and be mindful of the beliefs that limit your success. Because what you believe makes you who you are.

Choice #2: Choose to build a “we all win” culture and focus on the success of those around you.  Trust that their success will cascade into your current and/or future success.

Choice #3: Ask your company to invest in you. If they can’t, then choose to invest in yourself. You no longer need to accept a limited career development story. 

What would happen if showing up with a positive, connected, and development centric approach was the norm?

What could you achieve if this is the standard?

What choices do you want to make today to make it a standard tomorrow?

Peloton Coaching and Consulting is focused on helping you make choices that create better tomorrows and change lives.  

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