4 Business Lessons from The Tour de France

Another Tour de France is complete.


You missed it?

Ok, cycling may not have the love that ESPN usually reserves for football (i.e., fantasy, high school, college, pro, and, yes, even Canadian).  I think cycling may be number #51 on their list. It’s right between bowling and disk golf.  For the record, I’m a fan of the top 50 and even #52. 

Transparently, I have a bias. After all, the name of my executive coaching firm, Peloton Coaching and Consulting, comes out of my cycling passion. Bias aside, the Tour de France is unlike any other annual sporting event. It’s bucket list material and offers many business lessons on its journey to Paris.  Here are a few to get you moving towards greatness.  

I Am:  At the start, maybe 10 riders, I’m stretching here, believe that they have a legitimate shot to win the Tour.  The others focus on different priorities like the green jersey (best sprinter), winning a stage, or being the best domestique possible. The most successful play to their strengths. Instead of chasing shiny objects, they focus on a few precious priorities. The best have self-awareness.

Trust: The Tour needs trust to flourish. Trust between cyclists, mechanics, and fans.  No other sport has “reach out and touch you” access like cycling. However, as in business, trust can disappear in a pedal stroke.  If it does, it can be a long non-PED climb back to the top. 

Glory: Chris Froome, this year’s winner, will receive deserved glory for winning his 2nd La Grande Boucle. But he knows that the yellow jersey wouldn’t have been possible without the effort put forth by his Team Sky teammates.  That’s why he shares his winnings with the team.  The best in business know that they may get the glory, but their employees make it happen.  

Grit:  The Tour can be cruel.  It’s the inspiration of achieving greatness that helps most overcome three weeks of stress, crashes, flat tires, and general fatigue.  To keep going they need grit and determination. Remember, the prize for doing 130 miles in 5 hours is another 130 miles tomorrow.  However, the best don’t give up.  They know that tomorrow offers another possibility to achieve greatness. 

Of course there are even more valuable lessons from the world of cycling. I didn’t even get into the whole leg-shaving thing.  But, I will keep this list to four.  After all, bowling comes on in 30 minutes. 

The cool thing is that you can incorporate these lessons without riding your bike across France.  However, they do pair nicely with baguette, Brie, and Bordeaux.

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