After You - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Doors help us feel safe when closed. They keep the harshness of life at bay and provide a safe harbor to hide our vulnerabilities. They seem to provide the required security to survive a hyper-competitive world.

But doors also feed our addiction to being right by shutting others out. They dampen our willingness to be influenced and deepen our loneliness in a rapidly changing world. 

Curiosity gives us the courage to crack open our doors. We begin to see others in a different light, and slowly the invisible becomes visible.

With time, curiosity can lead to empathy. We can feel the hurt, worry, and fear of others. Then, just cracking the door open isn’t good enough. 

We begin to hold the door open for others. We let others in. Then they do the same for us. We begin to co-create and even rebuild trust when the door is held open long enough. 

This simple act sparks new possibilities and strengthens pelotons. Although it’s not easy to do when our hands and heads are filled with too many priorities. But with a compassionate shift, we can free up a hand, hold open a door, and say, “after you.”

Today, I travel down to my alma mater, James Madison University, where I learned the value of holding the door open. It’s an actual thing on campus. It’s even googleable. 

In April the SHIFT Tip Recommendation will focus on health (one of my core values). This one is easy, and your first act of the day: Drink 20 oz. of water. Your hydration is key to your health and an important part of creating better tomorrows. Most of us walk around not properly hydrated which drains our energy. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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