Co-Creation - Leadership SHIFT Tip

You speak when asked to speak, and follow dated policies and procedures. You try to stay off the radar to avoid crucial conversations that include “coming to Jesus,” “visiting the woodshed,” or “being checked into the boards.” As long as you follow the rules, there’s no problem. 

Companies that value obedience lead with an addiction to being right and the illusion of control. Law and order work when everyone has the same worldview. But when different perspectives exist, the best outcome is fear based compliance. 

Or you could make this shift. 

You speak when you are curious. You find new ways to solve today’s challenges, and have crucial conversations that lead to new possibilities and uncover different world-views. As long as you are curious, there’s no problem you can’t solve. 

Companies that value co-creation lead with the willingness to be influenced. They delegate ideation to those closest to the customer. Co-creation works when everyone stays curious by asking questions for which they don’t know the answers. When this is the case, trust and commitment grow. 

Now that sounds like the best outcome. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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