Do the Difficult - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Going to church, temple or mosque is easy. Living the message for the rest of the week is difficult.

Blending in is easy. Putting your art into the world is difficult.

Validating someone’s limiting belief is easy. Showing them a new perspective is difficult.

Thinking that you have all the answers is easy. Being vulnerable and accepting that you don’t is difficult.

Listening to reply is easy. Listening to understand is difficult. 

Being busy is easy. Staying focused is difficult.

Feeding an addiction to being right is easy. Being open to influence is difficult. 

Taking our relationships for granted is easy. Nurturing them is difficult. 

Believing that others need help is easy. Getting help for yourself is difficult.

Hitting “like” is easy. Engaging on social media is difficult. 

Listening to your inner critic is easy. Moving forward when it’s present is difficult. 

Judging is easy. Having empathy for others is difficult. 

Everyone can do easy and most people do. That’s why most settle for good enough. 

In our connection economy, the difficult creates value and gets you noticed. But here’s the secret, the difficult tasks are not that difficult. All it takes is a shift in perspective to make the difficult easy. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle! (it’s not too difficult to do so)

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