Don't Worry, Be Happy - Leadership SHIFT Tip

It’s common to believe that happiness comes when you finish the sausage making. Stay crazy busy. Earn that big promotion. Finish your important meeting. Then, conventional wisdom says, you will be happy and life will be easier. 

Early in my career, I thought a Do (crazy busy), Have (promotion), and Be (happy) life was the only way.  

It isn’t. Well, unless you like vapor finish lines. The new title happiness vanishes when the next level’s devils appear. You finish your meeting. Things get quiet for a moment. And then the next project starts with a flurry.    

We pretend that things will be better once ___________. But it’s a lie we tell ourselves when we live a Do, Have, Be life. 

But you could adopt a different perspective. 

It starts by choosing to be happy, and doing the things that happy people do like shipping important work, staying present, and expressing gratitude. And coupled with a strong “creating a better tomorrow” work ethic, we end up having more success and happiness. 

Sounds like a great shift to make. 

This weekend I’m serving as a tribe facilitator at the World Happiness Summit. You can follow me on Facebook Live as I share highlights from the conference. By the way, Monday is the UN’s International Day of Happiness. 

This week’s SHIFT Tip recommendation is 23andMe. It provides the data that binds most Americans. That is, 98.3 of us started somewhere else. I plan to use my report to get a free Guinness tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀

Have Fun Storming the Castle! 

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