Emotion - Leadership SHIFT Tip

If you doubt that emotions, from happiness to fear, drive behavior, just look at our political climate. 

Through a nonpartisan lens, it’s easy to think that a long, emotional cortisol bath is in our future. It’s natural - especially when we feel passionate about our opinions. 

And our passion isn’t monopolized by politics. The cascade of emotion also shows up at work and in life. 

We may think that we are the rational ones in our peloton. That our view is correct and those around us are being emotional.

But emotions of anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise are common to us all. 

“I’m not responsible for my 1st emotion, but I am responsible for my 2nd emotion and my 1st action” 

Yesterday, my mom celebrated her 75th birthday. Her mantra is, “Life is Good“. And it is. But it can also be challenging when emotionally triggered. 

When challenged, try to shift your perspective. Start by pausing, breathing, and reflecting. It will help you find your second emotion and plan your first action.

And when you shift your perspective, it doesn’t mean that the other guy is right. It just means that you are open to a conversation. 

Oh, and sometimes that “other guy” is your personal inner critic. 

This week’s SHIFT Tip recommendation is the podcast Freakeconomics. It will help you understand the emotional side of economics. It’s a fun podcast and not like Econ 101 in college.  

Have fun storming the castle!

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