Espresso - Leadership SHIFT Tip

It's natural to believe that you need to constantly pedal fast to create a better tomorrow. 

This week I'm in Mallorca for a cycling camp. It's filled with uphill miles, eating, sleeping, great wine, and espresso. I know it doesn't sound like fun to most - except for the wine and espresso of course.   

Being aerodynamic on a bike is like being efficient at work. Both are key if you want to go fast. On the bike, this means getting tucked right behind the cyclist in front of you.  The pace is exhilarating, but the view stinks if you know what a mean.  

This week I decided to ride some solo miles by hanging about 10 to 20 meters behind the peloton. Yes, it took more effort to match their pace, but I was grateful for being able to see that adorable espresso stand and a few turns that they flew past.  

Yes, pedaling fast is a key to becoming your best, but it only counts if you are heading in the right direction. So grab an espresso and give yourself permission for some alone time. It may give you a fresh perspective and an opportunity to check your GPS.    

For March, the Thursday SHIFT Tip recommendation will be shifting to Apps. I will start with my favorite app, Calm. Meditation is no longer woo-woo. It could help you calmly shift your perspective when the pace gets too fast.  Click Calm to check it out. 

Have fun storming the Spanish castle!

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