Forgiveness - Leadership SHIFT Tip

After my cycling accident, I had trouble forgiving the SUV driver. In my early stages of recovery, I was angry, bitter, and even revengeful. 

Over time, my emotions dampened, but I still carried a grudge until I met Eva Kor in 2012. 

My family and I met Eva at the Auschwitz II–Birkenau concentration camp which is an eighty-minute train ride from Krakow. Eva and her twin sister survived the Holocaust and the sick mind of Dr. Josef Mengele. Their family did not.  

During her guided tour of the camp, someone asked her how she felt about the Nazis. She told the group that she forgave them, not because they deserved forgiveness, but because she deserved it.

That moment gave me the strength to forgive the driver. If she could forgive, then why couldn’t I? She helped me realize that creating a better tomorrow required me to release my residual anger. 

Too often we can’t let go of emotions that don’t serve us well. We carry them around believing that they protect us from future harm. But they end up holding us back from being our best. 

So, who do you wish to forgive today? What can you let go? 

Eva immigrated to the United States and became a citizen in 1965. She lives in Indiana and runs its only Holocaust museum. Last Friday, January 27th, was National Holocaust Remembrance Day. To learn more about Eva, please click CANDLES

Have fun storming the castle!

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