Freedom - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When we were younger, our first taste of freedom came when we learned how to ride a bike. Our bike gave us a chance to explore. We could go places without our parents.

This little spark of independence grew over time. We looked forward to trading our bike for a car and going to college. Then we looked for a career that gave us a chance to make our mark.

Along the way, we learned that freedom is earned through trust and accountability.

When we didn’t come home on time, our parents’ leash got a little shorter. When we failed to deliver on promised expectations, our manager treated us like our parents did before we knew how to ride a bike.

So, if you want more freedom, start by being more accountable. You can start with yourself and how you honor your values.

Photo credit and special thanks to John Scialdone from Scialdone Photography.

Today’s SHIFT Tip Recommendation continues April’s health theme. I’m a big fan of Ketones by Pruvit Keto OS. To be honest, I was a skeptic at first and have lived its benefits.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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