Gratitude - Leadership SHIFT Tip

We work hard to get into an “elite” school or achieve a big promotion. We tell ourselves that life will be better with more prestige and influence. 

But once achieved, the phrase “more levels, more devils” becomes more than a cliche. 

Your demanding professor challenges your worldview. Your corporate vision gets misconstrued as it travels through devices and messengers. Your stress builds as you juggle the influx of new business. 

Your attitude may start to shift. You may begin to wonder, “Why did I want this?”

In these moments, we can choose our perspective. We can be grateful for that professor who cares enough to challenge us. And appreciate that our bolus of new business is a “good problem to have.”

Focusing on the frustration of things is easy. Anyone can do that. Being grateful is the attitude of difference makers. 

This week’s SHIFT Tip recommendation is the podcast How I Built This. It showcases companies like Patagonia, Zappos, and Virgin Atlantic and gratefulness of their founders. 

Have fun storming the castle!

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