Horrible Bosses - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Like you, I have had many bosses from my days playing Mr. Munch at Chuck E. Cheese (yes this is true) to more dignified roles. 

Many were wonderful and serve as mentors today. 

A few were horrible bullies known for tirades and name-calling that would even make the President blush. But they paled in comparison to the boss known as my early inner critic. 

He was harsher than any of those bullies. He saw my flaws more clearly than my strengths. But instead of working on this internal boss, I would judge my external bosses. 

You can't lead others until you learn how to lead yourself. 

Judging others, especially our external bosses, is easy. It's all ego and usually doesn't produce the change we desire. 

But if you want to create better tomorrows, start by looking in the mirror and find that special boss within you. After all, nothing changes until you do. 

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