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On Saturday I flew back from my Mallorca cycling camp via Madrid. Minus the plume of European cigarette smoke outside the airport, the experience was fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I said that about a U.S. domestic flight. 

The Mallorca and Madrid airports were modern and clean. Security (with my shoes on) and passport control were quick. I had a pleasant pre-flight meal with service from a person, not an iPad. Iberia Airlines from Madrid had a state-of-the-art entertainment system for even those of us in the back of the bus. Oh, and the in-flight meals were tasty and free.

I landed eight hours later at JFK and was welcomed by its dirty and dated infrastructure. 

Investing in infrastructure isn’t exciting. It’s too downstream to get our attention especially as we chase today’s sexy shining objects.

As a result, we rationalize that a little dirt will not hurt anyone. After all, it’s far from an emergency. We decide that it isn’t a good time, but we promise to invest next quarter. 

But the next quarter becomes next year. The dirt builds up and becomes the new normal. It dulls the enthusiasm of your team and customers. Then you realize that you are now downstream, facing an emergency. 

Here’s your shift, investing in infrastructure always pays. Perhaps not today, but it’s needed to create a better tomorrow. It keeps your company relevant, builds your culture, and lets your peloton know that you believe in their future beyond the next quarter. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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