Leadership SHIFT Tip - Criticism

Creating a vision, team, project, or campaign, as examples, is difficult. When we create, we open ourselves up to the possibility of criticism. 

And we tend to hate criticism. When it comes, it can send our inner critic into overdrive and spark the dark side of storytelling.

As a result, we play it safe - hoping to avoid any future judgment and protecting our ego. We may softly share an opinion as, "it's just an idea," or market research the heck out of a new campaign. This approach gives us an out. A chance to say, "but the market research said..."

Playing it safe gives the critic more oxygen. He begins to think that his "constructive criticism" is spot on and protects everyone from the dangers of a different point of view.

But telling folks, "I don't like that," or "that's a stupid idea," or "what was he thinking?" only bolsters the critic's ego. It is far from constructive and dampens progress. 

What people say and do is about them.

What we say and do in response is about us. 

As creators, we give the critic too much power - especially the one in our own head. So keep creating until you get the critic's attention. When you do, you are on the cusp of breaking through the resistance. Then it’s time to find the courage to make one more shift toward remarkable. 

Thursday's SHIFT Tip recommendation is someone who has faced his share of criticism. I also think he is remarkable. Tim Ferris' new book, Tool of Titans, is filled with hacks, advice, and opinions from notables like Seth Godin, Amelia Boone, and Malcolm Gladwell. 

Have fun storming the castle.

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