Leadership SHIFT Tip - Tell Me Something Good

Last week I went home to visit my Mom. When I first saw her, she was wearing a sweatshirt from her considerable Life is Good® wardrobe. It read, Tell me Something Good.

Today it seems that it’s easier to get our way through negativity and conflict.

But as leaders (of others and ourselves), we can choose an abundant approach that builds trust and shifts perspectives.

Instead of saying, “I’m so busy” ask, “How can I focus on the things that truly matter?”

Instead of saying, “Stay in your lane” ask, “How can we partner to make this better?”

Instead of saying, “It’s about getting results” declare that, “Relationships drive our success.”

Instead of saying, “I don’t agree with you” ask, “Can I share my perspective?”

Instead of saying, “You did great, but…” say, “You did great, and here are some ideas to make it better.”

Instead of saying, “I will be happier once I get this promotion” ask, “What makes me grateful today?”

Instead of saying, “That’s a dumb idea” ask, “How can we build on your suggestion?”

Instead of saying, “I’m anxious about my presentation” affirm, “I’m excited about this opportunity.”

Instead of saying, “She is horrible” share, “This is what I appreciate about her.”

Instead of saying, “It’s impossible” proclaim, “I have a dream.”

If you want to create better tomorrows at work and in life, follow my Mom’s advice by sharing something good. It just may lead to the shift that starts a movement that will change lives. Maybe the first one will be yours.

Have fun storming the castle

p.s. Take some time to read MLK’s speech today. Access it by clicking dream.

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