Love & Kindness - Leadership SHIFT Tip

We have boiled down Darwin’s Origin of Species to a sound bite.

“The survival of the fittest” is tweeted, texted, and memed. Despite the lack of context, we use it to validate our social and workplace competitiveness. As a result, the myth that survival depends on a gladiator mindset strengthens. 

Competition is seen as a zero-sum game. 

In Darwin’s The Descent of Man..., the sequel to Origin of Species, he shares a perspective that highlights love, mutual aid, and moral sensitivity. Three behaviors that would be beneficial today. 

Yes, drive and accountability contribute to our victories. But without empathy and kindness, the energy of a red-ocean counterattack builds. 

Given today’s challenges, seeing win-win opportunities is not easy, but it is possible. All it takes is a shift in perspective. After all, we get to decide if we see the world as limited or abundant.  

Add some love and kindness to your drive and accountability this week. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤️

Have fun storming the castle! But be nice about it.

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