Mindset and The Miracle on Ice

Thirty-five years ago, our country celebrated the greatest—in my humble opinion—sporting event of all time.  If you guessed the United States’ Miracle on Ice victory over the U.S.S.R. and Finland for the 1980 Winter Olympic gold medal, then we are the same page.

The Russians had superior skills. So how did we do it?  In a word: mindset.  The combination of belief and energy that is so critical in all sports. Hey, it’s the reason why Yogi Berra said, “90 percent of the game is half mental.” 

Looking back on Olympic coverage from the 80s made me wonder what other sporting events pivoted on mindset and energy.  Here are a few notables:

Football: Super Bowl III: NY Jets v. Baltimore Colts

Basketball: 2000 Western Conference Championship: Portland v. Lakers (Apologies to my wife for this reference; she’s from Portland.)

Cycling: 1986 Tour de France: Greg LeMond vs. Bernard Hinault

Tennis: Serena v. Maria: What’s Maria’s mindset going into matches with Serena?

Golf: Greg Norman: 1996 Masters or Tiger Woods at any tournament today

Baseball: 2004 American League Championship: Red Sox vs. Yankees

As a certified COR.E Dynamics Specialist™, I have access to innovative assessments that measure mindset and energy, and I have witnessed how mindset shifts can influence performance from the little leaguers to professional athletes to weekend warriors.

If you are involved in sports, you know that when athletes responds versus reacts, trusts the process, shows up fearless and confident, and is 100 percent energetically present in the moment, then they increase their chances for fully tapping into their potential.  Anything less and they can’t fully leverage their skills. 

I also happen to be an executive, business leadership coach, and motivational speaker, and I work with business leaders who like to compete inside and outside the office. They know their mindsets and energy differentiates their performance in the boardrooms and on playing fields.

What separates your top sales people, marketers and leaders? How much of it is based on skill versus mindset, energy, and belief? 

Do you believe athletes, as well as business leaders, could be more successful if they showed up on the courts and conference rooms with more focus, concentration and energy? 

What about your teams? Does mindset make a difference in workgroups?

Experience has taught me that, yes, it does.

Now, turn the lens on yourself: Do you think you could be more successful if you were more in the moment and could respond rather than react?

What would change if you showed up to every situation with less doubt and more confidence? 

Mindset makes the difference. I’ve witnessed in my private clients how changing how they think changes their business and athletic results.

Are you ready to shift your mindset to get the results you are looking for?

Contact me if you are ready to achieve your own personal Miracle on Ice