My Best SHIFT - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Throughout my career, many have asked me to share my best decision(s). Well, in 1992, I ran my first marketing ad. 

SWM, 24, 6ft. 2in, 190lbs., college educated, professional, into cycling, running (10ks), hiking, HFS, going out, staying in, ISO SWF 23-25, intelligent, athletic, humorous, and not afraid of expressing her opinions on today’s events. Into having lots-of-fun with greater possibilities. 

My personal ad was placed in Washinton, D.C.’s City Paper and long before the popularity of I ran it out of curiosity - wondering who would respond to a personal ad. You had to be desperate to place or answer one, I once believed. 

Besides satisfying my curiosity, I thought if my experiment introduced me to a couple of new friends that would be a bonus. 

But it gave me more than that. It found my best friend, my wife, Lynn. 

That little eight dollar ad sparked a life of joyful big events like my nervous first date walk to Lynn’s front door, her beautiful walk down the aisle, and the magical births of our daughters. 

During our journey, I’ve learned that between these big events that true happiness is found when we look for our small moments of love and gratitude. 

Like when someone orders a lemonade, I warmly smile and remember the lemonades Lynn brought me every day of my recovery.  Or how I can watchSeinfeld or When Harry Met Sally with the sound off because she knows every word or how I often find myself thankfully concluding, “they are just like their mother” when thinking about my daughters. 

Our small moments of gratitude make happiness and strong relationships possible. They help us feel the love layered within our lives. 

Lynn and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday.   

So, what has been my best decision? That’s easy, placing our ad. It’s the shift that has made all the other ones possible. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!