Play Ball! - Leadership SHIFT Tip

It’s opening day. A day filled with the happiness of potential and the optimism of spring. As we wait for the anticipated call of “play ball” the World Series seems possible. This could be our team’s year, we believe. Today anything is possible. 

But win or lose today, tomorrow is another opportunity. 

Sometimes our seasons and careers feel like they ebb and flow without reason. We start to believe that the baseball Gods are against us or our lucky socks will unlock our happiness. 

“You must try to generate happiness within yourself.

If you aren’t happy in one place, chance are you won’t be happy anyplace”

- Ernie Banks (Mr. Cub)

Happiness is a choice - sorry lucky socks. It’s a way of being that helps us reach our potential. It’s a mindset of gratitude that can make it feel like anything is possible. Well, almost - sorry San Diego Padres. 

Make today your opening day where anything is possible. Including washing those lucky socks. They stink. Just sayin’.

Saturday was another type of opening day. It was the start of my April Happiness Challenge. I hope you will join me.

Spend two minutes each day thanking or praising someone in your peloton. You can do it in person, email, or note card. Easy-Peasy. So Play Happy and let me know how it goes. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle! Go Jays go!

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