Scars Make You Beautiful - Leadership SHIFT Tip

I grew up believing that it is best to hide your scars. Because when you reveal what makes you different or less than perfect, the tribe may not accept you. It's safer to blend in, I once thought. 

As I was recovering from my cycling accident, this belief fueled my efforts to cover my scars. Wearing shorts, even on sweltering summer days, was emotionally painful. I thought everyone was staring at me. So I did my best to cover them up. I even considered removing them through plastic surgery. 

But thanks to time and my youngest daughter's "your scars are cool" perspective, I realized that my scars tell my story. 

And your scars, from professional to personal and emotional to physical, tell your story. Own them. 

They are part of your hero's journey. They are your badge that proclaims, "Yesterday I fell, and today I stand." It is this belief that creates better tomorrows. 

Your scars make you beautiful. But this belief must start with you. 

This week's SHIFT Tip recommendation is the podcast On Being with Krista TippettOn Being opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?

Have fun storming the castle! 

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