SHIFT Tip - Driving on the Wrong Side

Over the holidays we took a family vacation to a place where they drive “on the wrong side.” It was my first time driving on the left side of the road since our Australian hunnymoon (yes, spelled like A.A. Milne would) in ‘94.

My behind-the-wheel perspective shift was small (about 4 feet), significant, and stressful. The first few times behind the wheel felt like a cortisol bath as my eyes darted around backward roundabouts as I adjusted to my new view. And it took most of the trip to realize that my turn signal actually controlled my windshield wipers.

By the end of our vacation, I was more comfortable. I also had a little more empathy for those visiting the United States and who believe that we are the ones who drive on the wrong side of the road.

Our perspective is vital for creating better tomorrows at work, in life, and even on vacation. Too often we cling to our point of view and fail to appreciate what others see and believe. It fuels our addiction to being right. 

As you head into the weekend, find opportunities to challenge your perspective. Because ultimately, we go where our eyes go. 

In Thursday’s SHIFT Tip, I will pass along my book, article, and resource recommendations. The first of 2017 is a book I read on vacation. Quiet by Susan Cain is excellent for the introverts, and even those extroverts, in your life. Here’s a link to her TED.

Have fun storming the castle.

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