SHIFT Tip - Hey Dad?

If you owned an NFL franchise and could only draft from 50% of the top collegiate programs, you would be angry. I bet you would do something to ensure that you had access to 100% of the available talent. 

If you were CEO of a Medical Center, but your physicians could only prescribe 50% of the available treatment options, you would be concerned. I bet you would move mountains to give your patients access to every innovation. 

If these scenarios were real, your ability to compete, win, and create better tomorrows would be limited. I bet you would consider it unacceptable. And, if you are like most leaders, the unacceptable gets action. 

But in many corporations today, there's an unacceptable fact that isn't getting enough action. We are failing to leverage the talent, innovation, and knowledge of our female leaders. 

Yes, women leaders make up 51.5% of U.S. management positions. But that percentage drops as they climb the corporate ladder. Just 5% of CEO positions across the S & P 500 are filled by women. That's pitiful. And it's not because men are more ambitious than women. That boat doesn't float any better than the other stories we tell ourselves to justify these statistics

Many industries have advocacy groups like the HBA and many men mentor female leaders. These actions are good. Unfortunately, good enough is no longer good enough in today's competitive marketplace. Today we need the diversity of multiple perspectives to create better tomorrows. 

The puzzle of change has many pieces, but one important piece requires the type of male sponsorship that says, "She has earned a seat at the table." This take courage because it challenges the status quo. 

But all we need is a shift to make it happen. 

Perhaps it's sparked by your belief that competition makes everyone better. When given the opportunity, the cream always rises to the top. 

Or maybe you make your shift by trusting that diverse teams perform better. 

Or it's jumpstarted when you daughter(s) ask you, "Hey Dad, how are you helping the female leaders of tomorrow?"

Don't settle for 50%. Make a shift.

Have fun storming the castle.

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