SHIFT Tip - It Just Takes One

Happy New Year!!!

It only takes one to start. 

At one time, Parks, Malala, and Mandela were just one. 

Google's Meng started with just one breath. 

My mission of creating better tomorrows started with just one degree of flexion. 

One plus connection can cascade that vision, breath, and degree to another. And perhaps another - sparking a movement. 

Some movements make a global impact while others are personal in nature, like mine. But they all start with the truth that nothing changes until you do.

Of course, it may seem easier to wait for someone else to make the first move, but that approach may have you waiting a long time. 

And wherever you are is a perfect place to start. Your next shift may just be the one that sparks a movement. Remember, you are more powerful than you realize. 

Have fun storming the castle.


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