Solving Our Energy Crisis

We have an energy crisis!

And I’m not taking about the energy that fuels our planes, trains, and automobiles.

I’m talking about personal energy.

The type of energy that helps you go above and beyond; that turns impossible into possible; that helps you transform stretch goals into reality.

We have a deficit in the type of energy that drives success in business and in life.

It’s a crisis we’re trying to manage by spending billions of dollars on sleeping pills and energy drinks every year.

Why? Because too many of us are stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. Our energy is so out of whack we need help falling asleep and waking up. That’s just pitiful. 

What we need is an energy shift.

Let’s look at work: Picture your favorite boss. If you enjoyed working for her, chances are she created win-win situations, built courageous cultures, and found several opportunities when she faced complex challenges. 

How did you feel in that environment? How were your results? How willing were you to give discretionary effort?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you probably felt great. You delivered strong results and were willing to go above and beyond. And that great feeling cascaded across your life.

That’s the energy of an anabolic leader and top producing teams. That’s the energy of building, thriving cultures. That’s the “I get to go to work” energy. 

Now, contrast that positive experience with your toughest work environment. Was it the land of command and control? Is it charged with “stay low” fear, with a hair-on-fire reactive vibe? 

How did you feel in that environment? How are your results? What did the company parking lot look like at 5:15 p.m.?

That’s an example of catabolic energy.  That’s the “weight of the world” or “I’m too stretched” energy.  That’s the “I have to go work” energy.

The good news is that shifting your energy and avoiding an energy crisis is possible. Einstein believed that everything has energy and it was possible to shift it. As a business leadership coach and motivational speaker, I make it my business to help leaders and teams shift their realities.   

In truth, we all show up with anabolic and catabolic energy. The best leaders and teams are aware of their energetic profiles and make conscious choices to shift faster to lead with anabolic energy, especially under pressure.     

They know that even a little catabolic energy can block them from reaching their goals. 

Are you interested in finding out how to assess your own energy? Contact me today, and we can discuss your energy drains and how fill up your tank. 

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