The First 100 Days - Leadership SHIFT Tip

As you interview for that new job, you eagerly share your brag book. You showcase your accolades, references, and, of course, your game plan for your first one hundred days.  

Your prognostications seem so clear from your perspective. You woo the selection committee with promises of early wins and a flurry of enthusiastic activity. Your insights clearly demonstrate that you are the right change agent for the job. 

So they give you the Penske file. Congratulations! But you soon realize the surprises lurking around the corner. Your game plan is questioned, but that doesn't stop your enthusiasm. 

You get busy looking for early wins to validate that you are still the right person for the job. You begin to ruffle a few feathers along the way. The world starts to look more complex from your new office. 

Then, with a pause, a breath, and a chance to reflect, you realize that your game plan had an essential missing element, the need to establish trust. 

If you want the success of creating better tomorrows, then get busy building trust. It's the key element in every successful leader's first hundred days. 

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Have Fun Storming the Castle! 

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