This Matters - Leadership SHIFT Tip

If you are going to be standing on a stage, addressing an audience, it means, someone, somewhere decided you had something of import to impart to others. I spent time articulating to myself how I hoped my speech might help others who were suffering. I clung to the meaning and purpose of my speech as a life raft. - Monica Lewinsky, P. 184, TED Talks by Chris Anderson. 

Too often we think that our perspective doesn't matter. As a result, self-doubt sets in and we play small. 

But your perspective does matter. If someone asks for your opinion, hires you, or invites you to present or attend a meeting, they are enrolling in you. They are saying, your perspective matters and it can make tomorrow better. 

In my latest blog, I share five tips from my TED X experience that may help you share your perspective. To view it, click on TED X. 

In February, my SHIFT Tip recommendations will move from books to podcasts. I highly recommend The TED Radio Hour by Guy Raz. It's packed with perspectives worth sharing. 

Have fun storming the castle!

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