Values - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Company values, like wedding vows, provide clarity for healthy relationships. We post them on boardroom plaques or above the mantel to underscore our commitment to each other. 

During the great times of double-digit growth or the blissful honeymoon phase, it's easy to be self-congratulatory. We boast about our strong commitment and proudly point to our values-based culture as the reason for our success. 

But sometimes tailwinds turn to headwinds. The market softens, a restructuring is needed, or a crisis appears. The stress tests our commitment. Without care, we can turn a blind eye to our principles. 

We rationalize that it's ok to look the other way just once. But that is a careless slippery slope. Just once can become many and trust begins to erode. Then we learn that our values, like seat belts, are in place when we need them most. We just need to remember to use them. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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