What's Your Story? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Last week we celebrated the birthday of the iconic storyteller, Dr. Seuss. Seuss, like all storytellers, was a connector. 

I started this year with a new chapter to my story. The goal was to complete fifty bike rides in fifty days. The intent was to honor two of my values: health and freedom. Plus, since I turn fifty later this year, I thought of it as a little celebration.  

Once completed, the win-win was to donate to World Bicycle Relief(WBR). Their inspirational story is about how a bicycle can provide access to fundamental freedoms like health care, commerce, and education in Africa. 

Even though a snow shoveling injury stopped by streak at forty-three, I still felt compelled to donate because I love their story. And giving to their story, helps me write my story on what I value. I’m sure that the organizations you support do the same for you. 

In today’s attention and connection economy, if you want to build a stronger and bigger peloton, review your story. Are you sharing it with the right audience in the right manner? Does it help them create their story on why they should connect with you? Because like Seuss, you are also a storyteller and connector.

This week’s SHIFT Tip recommendation is Evernote. It’s an APP that can help you create your story and capture all your wonderful innovative ideas. Check it out by clicking Evernote

Have Fun Storming the Castle! It will make for a beautiful story.

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