Will You Be Missed? Leadership SHIFT Tip

I had a boss who believed that everybody was replaceable. He consistently shared his perspective and in doing so, only slightly veiled a threat.  We understood he was trying to teach us the truth that Icarus and many leaders have learned the hard way; hubris leads to hard landings.  

Hubris may work for the smartest in the room today. Over time, the room will change. Knowledge, a past differentiator, is cheap in today's connection economy. One wing flap can level the playing field and purge bravado.

We never miss these leaders.   

We miss those who lead with humility. Who focus on connection, empathy, and others.  These leaders push others toward the possibilities of a better tomorrow. They know that How is as important as What and Why

They have a secret sauce that is irreplaceable. Like my trauma surgeon and physical therapist from of my last bad day or Lin-Manuel MirandaJohn Stewart, and Lincoln.

Without them, things still happen, but we sense that something is missing. We may not be able to tell at first, but over time the truth comes out and we miss their presence. 

Who will miss you when you are gone?  - Seth Godin

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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