Thank You! - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Three years ago this week, I had an early morning meeting with my new president. His charge was to usher in great global change. I would be his first one. 

In less than eighteen minutes, he told me I was out of my current job. To his credit, he offered me a different V.P. executive level position. The meeting was a total curveball. At first, I accepted the new role because it felt like the safe thing to do. 

But then I remembered I had a choice. We always have a choice - even when we feel stuck. 

Here is a passage from my upcoming book, SHIFT.

A few days into my recovery, while still in a delirious state, I managed to burble something that, in retrospect, seems especially fateful. As Lynn sat beside my hospital bed, I told her, “Find David; follow David Kolb. He is our leader.” Although she didn’t know who David was, Lynn didn’t press me on what I meant; she simply wrote down the name, and when I was more lucid, she asked me to explain. 

David was the first executive and team coach I had ever met...At the time, I hoped that one day I would be able to embody David’s calm demeanor and generous nature. But I suppose those weren’t the only things about him that I wanted to emulate. Although it would be many years until my own professional career transitioned into executive and team coaching, I suspect that my wheels were already turning subconsciously in that direction. And it was all because of David Kolb.


It would have been easy to believe that the new president pushed me out. But I choose to see it as a pull toward creating better tomorrows for you. 

Today is a day of gratitude. For that pull three years ago, the seed David planted years before, and to you for being part of my Peloton. I love being your domestique and promise to make your tomorrows even better. 

Thank you. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

Have a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend for those in the States.


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