In Addition To | Memorial Day - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Today in the States,

In addition to spending the day at the beach, spend time thanking those who stormed one.  

In addition to debating the battle between the Cavs and Warriors, debate if battle looks differently through the lens of mandated service. 

In addition to coming together for a BBQ, help us come together as a country. 

In addition to listening to those who share your worldview, listen to those with a different perspective. 

In addition to posting #memorialday #remembering, place a call to your Congressional members - Click here to see who represents you. 

In addition to enjoying your extra day off, provide joy to a veteran who needs a job. 

In addition to donating to Starbucks, donate to the Wounded Warrier Project or TAPS

Although most of us have not served, we can all be grateful for those who have given the most. Hopefully, we can all agree on that. 

Today we remember those who stormed the castle but didn't come back.  

Have a grateful and peaceful Memorial Day.


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