What's On Your Postcard? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Before we knew Jobs as Jobs, Malala as Malala, or von Drais as von Drais, they were just someone with a vision for a better tomorrow.

You may be thinking, ok, I know Jobs as Steve Jobs and Malala as Malala Yousafzai, but who is this von Drais person?

Well, since you asked, von Drais is Karl von Drais. 200 years ago today he improved our mobility by inventing the bicycle. Yes, our little bicycle has a birthday today. The cupcakes are on me.

But before we sing Happy Birthday, let me share a story about one postcard with a vision for a brighter future.

In 2014, I did a ride organized by Assos and Cyclesport. During our post ride nosh, the Assos representative told us about a little postcard tucked in our swag bags. He knew it could get pushed aside when searching for the “good stuff.” His pitch sparked my curiosity.

The postcard was the good stuff. It was for World Bicycle Relief (WBR). They mobilize people through the power of bicycles. They envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

I was moved by the mission and became a member. In July, I will share how Shift, my upcoming book, will help WBR improve mobility and help others make their shift. And to think, it was all started by one little postcard with a vision for a better tomorrow.

What’s on your postcard? Is it time to place it in someone’s swag bag?

To celebrate the bicycle’s 200th birthday and The Year of the Bicycle, please sign their mobility pledge. #YearoftheBicycle

Of course, you can also hop on your bike and work up an appetite for a cupcake or two. But I got dibs on the Oreo one.

Have fun storming the castle. By the way, you can get there faster on a bike.