The Magician and The Farmer

It's easy for the magician to grab our attention. He wows us with his fast talk and faster hands. How does he make the amazing look so easy? We keep watching to learn how he does it. 

The farmer, with her grit, works far from the glitz and glamour of the bright lights. Because we are distracted by shiny objects, we don't see her empathic and weathered hands. Her work, like the magician, is also amazing, but we rarely wonder how she does it. 

In today's attention economy, it's easy to get drawn to the magician. With a big smile and snap of his fingers, success looks simple. His raw, edgy vibe helps him stand out. It gives him the appearance of authenticity, but it's all part of his act. So is believing that instant success is possible with the right magic wand. Which, of course, he is willing to sell for a price.  

Suffraunce (Patience) is a soverayn (supreme) vertue (virtue)  - William Langland, The Vision of Piers Plowman, c 1370

The farmer is different. She is ready at the crack-of-dawn. When others are sleeping, she is sowing, watering, weeding, and working. She trusts the process. That's how she goes to market.  

Any leader can learn a magic trick or two to make it to the next quarter. Gimmicks, although sometimes necessary, don't hold our attention for long.  

Lasting success only comes from hard work, empathy, and patience. The flashy magician will eventually disappear and be replaced by another. They always do. In the meantime, we will continue to plant and ship things out.


Have Fun Storming the Castle! 

This week's SHIFT Tip recommendation is to visit your local farmer's market. Learn how they do their amazing job of feeding the world. And check out their blueberries. They are in season.  

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