We can stop laughing at Jeff Bezos now.

Digital photos replaced Kodak.

Netflix replaced Blockbuster.

Apple replaced Sony.

Walmart replaced Sears.

And remember when Amazon started? Buying a book online?!? We laughed at that crazy Jeff Bezos. So did Borders. Consumers will never do that. We will be fine, they thought.

That was the case until Amazon replaced Borders. Today Amazon has our attention. Heck, for some, their most intimate relationship is with Alexa. 

Leadership requires risk-taking courage. It's believing that you will be part of a better tomorrow. 

It's easy to talk about change, but much harder to do. Because fear makes it difficult to assess the people, processes, and products that have helped you succeed to date. 

And the first person to evaluate is the toughest one. It's you. Because if you want your team to behave differently, you need to lead differently.  

The executives at Kodak, Blockbuster, Sony, Sears, and Borders had the same challenge. At the time, they were successful and stayed with the status quo. Too bad they didn't have Alexa back then. I bet she would have given them a different answer - except for Borders of course. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

P.S., If you have a leadership, entrepreneurial, sports performance, or mindset question that you don't want to ask Alexa, then ask me. Coach Dayne and I will answer it on The Friday Wrap-Up on Facebook Live.

If can't tolerate critics, don't do anything new or interesting.  

-Jeff Bezos