No Coasting - Leadership SHIFT Tip

“You ain’t putting in enough effort!”

Looking at my ATM receipt, that’s what I told myself on September 1st, 1990.

I was twenty-two and selling copiers and facsimiles in D.C.

That July, a big deal closed in my territory. I got a huge commission and The Salesperson of the Month Award for being 147% of goal. Not bad for my first month.

I started going out to dinner, picked up rounds at happy hour, and bought a few new suits. I was living large. But I didn’t earn it. The deal was in the works long before I applied for the job. I just got lucky.

In August, I was 50% of plan. I had an empty bank account and a sales manager who was doing his best Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me Lately” impression.

I was full of excuses.

“Yes, but I’m new.”

“Yes, but we are in a recession.”

“Yes, but my customers have no budget.”

The truth? I wasn’t knocking on enough doors. I was being lazy and believing success would come like it did in July. I was cheating myself like many of us do.

In cycling, you need to keep pedaling to become your best. You can’t coast for long and expect to stay with the peloton.

Too often we spend more time rationalizing why it’s smarter to coast than to pedal. We talk ourselves out of action or blame others for our circumstances. We make up stories about why we can’t be our best.

And it’s all

Because if we want anything worth having, then we need to put in the effort. Our inner critic and competition laugh at our stories as they hustle.

Success starts with one pedal stroke, then another, then another.

Hey, you can choose to coast. But before you do, ask others if they have any regrets. Many will tell you, “I wish I kept pedaling. I had more in me.”

And so do you. So keep pedaling.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!