The Best Leadership Question Ever

When I was growing up, Thursday was grocery shopping day. I would tag along with my mother as we went to Wegman’s. Our next stop was to butcher for the meat in our Irish meat and potatoes diet. If I was lucky, my mom treated me to some Topps baseball cards.

And every so often, we would go to The Peanut Shoppe to pick up my father’s cashews. It’s where I discovered the best leadership question ever, “and.”

This is what the owner asked as she handed my mom our cashews.

I would look up at my mom in a “we can’t leave her hanging” way and asked, “How about some sunflower seeds?”

If I was lucky, my mom said yes.

As she handed over the sunflower seeds, she would ask, “and, something else?” I would smile at the possibilities.

As a leader, “and” provides options and can shift perspectives.

“And, what’s another way of thinking about this?”

“And, what have you thought of so far?”

“And, here’s how we can get better.”

“And, how can Shift work harder to create better tomorrows?”

I asked myself this question as I was finishing up the manuscript for my memoir, Shift.

My answer?

To give all the profits of Shift to World Bicycle Relief. World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through the power of bicycles. They help make the world smaller by helping conquer the challenge of distance so others can achieve independence and thrive. They also believe that we are better together — just like our peloton.

Saturday morning you will receive a special Shift Tip so you can be the first to pre-order and receive a special copy of Shift. And I would be honored if you shared the news about Shift with your work, life, and social pelotons.

Have fun storming the castle and make sure you bring along a good book to read!

Thank you for the support.