What We Buy and Who We Are

When I meet another cyclist, a common question I receive is, “What type of bike do you own?”

The curious ask me a different question, “Why that type of bike?” They are looking for the story.

Here’s some of it. They are hand built, mostly in the U.S., by artists with character and soul. Although unfamiliar to most, they have a following among us bike geeks. Each one, yes I have more than one bike-shocking I know, has a different story but a common thread.

With a little tug on that thread, the curious can learn how my favorite beer, music, charity, sneaker, and even where I went to college tells a story of being just on the outside of the mainstream. It even weaves through Peloton and my upcoming book, Shift. (more details below)

How about you? What do you want when you choose between Tag Heuer or Timex? Lululemon or Under Armour? Starbucks or Dunkin? Chucks or Stan Smiths? Whole Foods or Kroger? Abercrombie or Hollister? iPhone or Android?

Because after securing your basic needs of air, water, food, and shelter, you start selecting the wants that build your story and peloton. What are they? What about your team members? What about your clients and customers? Ah, that’s the big question.

Are you getting curious? You should — because it influences how they see your products, services, and you. Check out this infographic about wants fromBain from my marketing seminar with Seth Godin.

Oh, and if you are curious, I have a SpeedvagenIndependent Fabrication,Calfee, Kelly Bedford, Titus, and a Fabrica coming soon. Beer: New Belgium, Music: The Beautiful South/Depeche Mode, Charity: World Bicycle Relief, Sneakers: Adidas, and College: James Madison University.

Have Fun Storming the Castle or Mall!