Impossible is Just a Label - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Getting light without fire.

Running a sub four-minute mile.

Placing footprints on the moon.

Publishing your story.


Achieving a healthy weight.

Summiting Mt. Everest.

Riding in a self-driving car.

Using a hand held computer.


Electing an African-American President.

Beating the Russian Hockey Team.

Finding a cure.

Building a trusting culture.


Embracing change.

Ending apartheid.

On Tuesday, July 18th, the world celebrated Nelson Mandela Day.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
- Nelson Mandela

He understood that difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

Every breakthrough comes when someone decides that impossible is just someone’s else label.

Let the someones have their story.

Pick a different one for yourself.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!