Maybe He's Hangry - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few weeks ago, I was looking at some old photos of my daughters, Elle and Grady. They were as adorable then as they are wonderful today.

I noticed that we have many photos of them laughing and playing, but none of them crying and upset.

But, alas, they were not perfect. Like all children, they cried out for help from time to time.

Usually, they were either hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

So, as good parents, we empathically and lovingly tried to soothe their frustration. We never thought they were out to get us or trying to make life difficult. They were just being human.

But our empathy muscle seems to vanish at work or dealing with other adults.

Yes, adults are not children and apples are not oranges.

But why are we so quick to judge? Why do we dampen our curiosity and make stuff up as to why someone’s upset? How does that help us?

And too often we believe that others are directing their frustration at us. But maybe they are just hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Maybe they are human too.

Empathy is the secret sauce of every trusting peloton, but it requires to you accept that your story may not be true.

After all, none of us are at our best when we are hangry.

Have Fun Storming the Castle! But be sure to bring a snack.