A Flock of Seagulls, U2, and Opportunity - Leadership SHIFT Tip

One of my earliest concert memories was on August 7th, 1983 at Holleder Stadium in Rochester, NY. I was there for The Police Picnic featuring A Flock of Seagulls, The Fixx, and The Police.

In the spirit of transparency, I was more excited for A Flock of Seagulls than The Police. And with that, I will give you a moment to stop laughing.

I had so much fun and as the bands finished their sets, the audience was eager for encores. Yes, even from A Flock of Seagulls.

As they left the stage, we grew louder to encourage them back to the stage for another song or two. When they did, we congratulated ourselves for having been so influential.

As Seth Godin would say, we acted “as if” an encore was a bonus or a gift for being a great audience. It was something that we earned.

Recently, my wife and I saw U2 perform. I was as excited to see them as I was to see The Police back in 1983, but their performance felt different.

Don’t get me wrong, Bono is still bringing it.

It wasn’t U2’s fault. It was ours.

Today, thanks to Google, we can find out exactly when a concert will start, the set list, and if there will be an encore.

So once their set was over, there was applause, many woot-woots, but then people starting sitting down. I looked at my wife in amazement. What was happening, I thought?

Now, it was a forty plus type of crowd. So maybe our glucosamine was wearing off. Whatever the reason, we were acting “as if” the encore was expected.

We knew we didn’t have to work hard to encourage the boys back to the stage. After all, Google told us that they would.

The experience made me wonder how often do we sit back and expect things to happen for us? And how things would different if we acted “as if.”

If we acted “as if” our corporate bonus wasn’t a guarantee?

If we acted “as if” we were responsible for making the first move?

If we acted “as if” our team members and customers were our top priority?

If we acted “as if” today was our last day?

Would we hustle, contribute, listen, and love more?

Today we have a new opportunity to choose how to act.

We can sit back and wait for things to be given to us or act “as if” we expect nothing and need to earn everything.

Choose wisely — because those around you will pay more attention to how you act than to what you say.

Have fun storming the castle!