Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Early in my career, I participated in my first 360° assessment. As part of my development, I shared the results with a few executives outside my tribe to gain their insight and guidance.

During my meeting with our CFO, he told me, “Michael you have potential, but you wear your heart on your sleeve.”

To be honest, my talk with him just left me confused. Up until that moment, I believed that emotion was a positive attribute. It made artistic performances and sports events memorable. Why wouldn’t it be valuable at work? It could be the secret sauce to fire up the troops, I thought.

He had a different perspective. I left his office less confident and determined to figure out what he meant.

Over time, I learned that emotions are like water. The right amount brings life to culture and performance. But, if you express too much, you run the risk of overpowering the situation. If you reveal too little, your words lose their meaning.

Today we know that sharing our vulnerability, demonstrating empathy, and listening to connect helps us understand how our emotions drive our actions. It enhances our emotional intelligence.

There was a period when not wearing your heart on your sleeve was en vogue — it was the smart thing to do. But, then again, there was a time when we thought wearing paisley ties and padded shoulder power suits made us look intelligent.

Today is a different day. Now folks tattoo their heart on their arm.

Have fun storming the castle, but do so before today’s eclipse.

p.s., I’m in Oregon today and will post photos and video of the eclipse on my IG and FB pages.

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“Human behavior flows from three main sources:
Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge.”

- Plato