The 1% Difference - Leadership SHIFT Tip

We were visiting my wife's family in Portland, Oregon this week and were lucky enough to be there during the solar eclipse. On the farm where my wife grew up, we had 99% totality. Pretty good, right? But we decided to get up early and chase the last 1%. 

At times it can feel like pursuing marginal gains don't feel worth the effort. The icons of social media will laugh, tell you to go bigger and faster, and put your intentions out into the universe - only then will you see your success. But if that's the case, why don't more people see it? 

I'm all for big hairy audacious goals, but often they cloud our ability to be persistent and grab the 1% required to build momentum.  

So, what if today you put your big goal to the side and just focused on making today 1% better than yesterday?

What if you were 1% more grateful and empathic or spent 1% more time listening and co creating? 

What if you made tomorrow better than today and never stopped making day after day after day 1% better?

What could you see? 

The answer, something remarkable that only happens when you experience the 1% difference. 

Have fun storming the castle!

Here's a photo, with no filter, of the solar eclipse's corona that only appears with 100% totality.  It was one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen. It was remarkable.