I Spy - Leadership SHIFT Tip

On Tuesday I was having coffee with a fellow member of Seth Godin’s tribe. As I was leaving Bluestone Lane, I noticed a mom with her twin daughters casually strolling along Central Park. They were playing the game, I Spy.

I smiled as I remembered playing it with my girls when they were that age.

In today’s hustle culture, it’s easy to wear blinders that limit what we see. With enough worry and fear, we start to treat those with different perspectives as threats to our status and safety. Then our view narrows and we only see what we wish to see — we go where our eyes go.

Through the unbelievable destruction of Hurricane Harvey, we have proven that we can shift our perspective and look beyond what divides us. We can spywhat is often invisible-we are human and compassionate. Regardless of our labels, we help each other.

As the waters recede and the rebuilding begins, we could refocus on what separates us. It would be easy to run to our corners, confirm our worldviews, and see what we wish to see.

But we don’t need to go there. We don’t need another 9/11, Sandy, or Harvey to point our eyes in a different direction. Compassion is something we can spy without an emergency. Of course, we have to be it to see it.

Forget about storming the castle this week. Make a donation instead. Here are some choices in addition to the ones you already know.

Charity Navigator
All Hands
The Greater Houston Community Foundation
American Red Cross
Texas Diaper Bank
Austin Pets Alive

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